GeoCenter Møns Klint. A Danish-Greenlandic dinosaur expedition led by the Geocenter has visited Jameson Land in northeast Greenland, where a large number of excavations of very interesting findings was completed.

The results of the expedition are showcased in an exciting new exhibition at the GeoCenter where the extinct giants are brought to life with digital technology, so the visitors are getting a fascinating and engaging interactive experience.

In the pyramid room we have created a perception of dinosaurs walking around in the crowd by using augmented reality, where a camera captures the audience and blend the recordings with animations of dinosaurs.

The experience starts with videos of Greenland’s rocky landscape of the excavation area, which are fading into a

Triassic landscape built in 3D with extensive 3D animations of dinosaurs and giant amphibians from the Triassic period. These videos are showed on 4×6 vertically mounted 70″ screens. The experience turns to a huge 6 meter wide screen, where the skeleton of a large herbivorous dinosaur, a plateosaur, comes to life. The plateosaur moves out in the crowd chased by a bunch of smaller predators, which also are interacting with the audience, before the plateosaur is being overmatched by a monstrous phytosaur in a dramatic death struggle.

The above showed experience is just a small part of the new exhibition. We have made many more 3D dinosaur animations in both the old and the new exhibition.

The new exhibition has led to a rather dramatic growth in numbers of visitors compared to previous years.