The new exhibition at Geocenter Moens Klint focuses on biodiversity, both in general and specifically as it pertains to the unique circumstances of Moen Island. The game “Take Care of the Biodiversity” illustrates and supports some of the central learning objectives of the exhibition.

The game includes a mode that demonstrates how to support and sustain biodiversity in a typical Danish villa garden. Players are encouraged to follow simple guidelines such as avoiding the use of pesticides, allowing diverse flowers and plants to grow, and providing animals with water and hiding places. The game rewards players with wildlife appearances in the garden.

Another game mode illustrates a project on Moen to recreate calcareous grassland. In this mode, players cut down a pine forest and remove the nutrient-rich topsoil layer to restore the leaner, natural soil layer, which provides ideal conditions for rare orchids and butterflies.

The game is played on a large touchscreen, oriented as a table. Players interact with the game by pushing virtual cards towards their targets, such as a chainsaw card towards a pine tree to cut it down or a pond card towards a frog to build a pond for it to live in.