Wildlife from Greenland 230 million years ago. We have recreated a Triassic landscape from Greenland at GeoCenter Møns Klint, a science museum in Denmark.

The task was to bring digital life in form of 3D animations and interactive experiences  to many different dinosaurs, reptiles, amphibians and the very first mammals.
Among these the 4 meter long crocodile-like Cyclotosaurus, which was a giant among amphibians; and the herbivorous Platosaur, one of the first really big dinosaurs, typically grazing the vegetation along the lake shores as well as the rather small flying Eudimorphodon and not at least the feathered Coelophysis, a carnivorous dinosaur of about 3 meters, which was quite common in the Triassic era, where it hunted in packs. These flocks patrolled the large, flat mud areas that surrounded the extensive lakes in Jameson Land in East Greenland during the Triassic. In this way they could keep an eye on prey that came down to drink. In this mud they have left footsteps which many years later have been found as fossils in the peninsula of Jameson Land.

We have used the footage for a short Tv-spot as well. See the spot here.